About The Tour



Tickets can be purchased through our website (click on the Tickets tab) or in-store at one of our local retail locations (listed on the home page). 

Tickets purchased in store can only be purchased by cash.

If you purchase your tickets online, please print your purchase receipt in order to pick up your tickets. 

Ticket Pick Up will be held at the St. Andrew’s Church Parish Centre (53 Reynolds Street, Oakville) during designated hours.

Ticket Pick Up Hours TBD.

Entry to the houses is by ticket only. Purchase receipts will not be accepted. Please make sure you pick up your ticket at St. Andrew’s Church Parish Centre (53 Reynolds Street, Oakville) prior to starting your tour.

Tickets will provide descriptions and an image of each house on the tour. A map of the locations will be included in your ticket to help direct you to each house.

Some homes are close enough to walk between, while others will require driving.

All children must have a ticket and be supervised at all times. The Tour is not appropriate for children under the age of 5. Discretion is advised.

All tickets are non-refundable.



Visitors must remove boots or shoes at the front entranceway. (Consider wearing shoes/boots that are easy to slip on/off.) Bags will be provided at each home. Please no bare feet.

Umbrellas and strollers must be left outside the home.

No photography of any kind is permitted, including mobile phones, to respect the homeowners’ privacy.

No food or drink is allowed within the homes (including open water bottles).

In the interest of others, please place your mobile on silent or vibrate and avoid speaking on your phone while inside the homes.

Please refrain from touching anything in the homes.

Smoking is not permitted in any home or on church property.

Washrooms will not be available in the homes. Washroom facilities are available at the Parish Centre, 53 Reynolds Street.

All children must have a ticket and must not be left unattended. Because of possible lineups, the tour is not appropriate for young children. Discretion is advised.



The tour is self-directed.

Wait times to enter the homes may be minimized by creating your own route. Houses do not need to be visited in the order provided on the ticket. Also note, the map is not to scale.

Dress for cold weather in the case of longer wait times and for walking between some of the homes.

Please respect parking by-laws and do not block neighbouring driveways. 

We regret that we have no control over the Town of Oakville Parking Authority.

Hour Tour Hours


All homes on Friday's Candlelight Tour will be open at 6:00pm and will close promptly at 9:00pm.

Doors will open on Saturday's Tour at 9:30am and will close promptly at 4:00pm. 

There are no exceptions.

The Tea Room


St. Andrew’s Church will be decorated for Christmas, so guests are welcome to drop in for a viewing. 

The Parish Centre (53 Reynolds), next door, will host a Tea Room from 9:30am to 4:00pm. 

Ample parking is available.

Ticket holders may visit the Tea Room only once during their tour. Baked goods and refreshments will be served.