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Accents for Living | Decorating The Crawford Home


Accents for Living - a Lifestyle and Interior Design boutique originated in Aberfoyle, Ontario, founded by Linda Dolman-Weddel in 1999.  Built on the founding principles of respect, passion and the desire to create something sensational and beautiful, Accents for Living was born.

Within the heart of downtown Oakville, our sister location has continued to blossom.  Since opening our doors in the fall of 2017, we have received a gracious and warm welcome from members of the community, designers, visitors and and retailers alike.  We continue to enjoy every opportunity to connect and build long lasting relationships.

Offering an alchemy of current and timeless designs, we find distinguished designers and seasoned artisans from all corners of the globe that create and offer beautiful and rare pieces.  Our evolving collection features an exclusive mix of fine furniture, art, luxurious bedding, area rugs, lighting and lifestyle accents to inspire and turn you space into a truly unique haven.


Above all else, we value our clients, share information, offer honest insight and we love the opportunity to guide and collaborate.

Accents for Living believes in a home that is artistic, classic and inspirational.  The home is a metaphor for the self; elegant, romantic or urban, yet always comfortable and chic.  The home creates an expression and a story for your life and milestones.  The talented design team at Accents for Living wants to be that creative connection in your story.






Jolana’s Exceptional Home Décor Inc. | Decorating The Burgundy Home


Jolana Pettifer has been designing interiors for over 25 years, with uncompromising quality and timeless elegance.

Specializing in design services that include custom furnishings, draperies, unique accents and accessories, art selection, space planning and custom cabinetry.

Jolana’s sophisticated, classic style is coupled with contemporary sensibilities when helping her clients define and determine their design direction.  Her comprehensive interior design concierge service, keeps design dreams on track and on time.

While paying attention to every detail, she has designed hundreds of exceptional interiors, from country house to cutting-edge modern interiors.  

Whether you are redesigning, renovating or redecorating, let Jolana’s Exceptional Home Décor be the intersection of your dreams and reality.

Start creating your spectacular space today, call 905-888-5225 or email us at jolana@jolanas.com to book an in-home consultation.

Danielle & Colleen | Decorating The Poplar Home


Danielle and Colleen (the homeowner) met out West over thirty years ago on a simple wallpapering project, which developed into years of friendship. Over their love of design and art, and a shared passion for bringing spaces to life that  make people smile, they have collaborated on decorating this newly renovated home for the holidays. This family home reflects a one of a kind design with Colleen's exceptional style reflected around every corner. Its a pleasure to present this home on the 2019 St. Andrews Christmas House Tour, wonderful inspirations await you....enjoy!

Danielle has been working in construction and design for over 20 years in the local area, and is excited to be participating in her fifth house tour.

Colleen has worked in east Oakville in several areas from landscaping to design and is happy to be sharing her newly renovated home on the Christmas House Tour this year.  

Aynsley Butler | Decorating The Gloucester Home


Aynsley Butler has always been interested in and had a passion for Interior Design.  She has had the opportunity to renovate and decorate several homes in Oakville with her partner and husband, Jordan.  They have built a business together, and work as a team, completing substantial renovations and custom home builds in the area.  Since becoming Mom to 3  lively boys, Aynsley's focus has been to create a welcoming, livable and functional home base for their busy family.

House Warmings | Decorating The Watson Home


House Warmings is a family owned home furnishings and design shop that has served the community for over 20 years.  We have a passion for inspired, accessible design and believe that your home should be a reflection of you, and the people and things you love.   Visit us online at housewarmings.ca or at our 6,000 square foot Oakville showroom to be inspired by all the beautiful pieces we've curated.  We look forward to meeting you.

Stephanie McPherson | Decorating The King Home


Stephanie McPherson has used her experience in the Interior Design and Culinary fields to help create an ambiance that is warm and inviting.  With a motto of "Less is More", she is able to achieve simple, but timeless decor while allowing the beauty of the home to shine through.  Her attention to detail can be appreciated with an added flair, whether in food preparation and styling, or in Interior Design.

Stephanie has been involved in the St. Andrews Christmas House Tour since 2001 and is delighted to be participating in this wonderful holiday tradition again this year.

Stephanie McPherson

Shorehouse Interior Design

Wendy & Shawnna of TRIG | The Wilson Home


Wendy and Shawnna of TRIG, with their combined 30+ years of experience, believe your home should not only speak for your unique personality, but ultimately enhance the quality of your life and the lives of those around you. Quite simply, your living space should be a source of pride and tranquility that reflects your personal taste and distinctiveness. TRIG is comprised of a relationship-oriented and people-focused team that spends considerable time getting to know you, your goals, preferences, and aspirations. Then we design a plan for you that brings all of these components to life. 

Tracy Ray, UNIQUE IDEAS | The Cedar Grove Home


Tracy Ray thoroughly enjoys working with her clients and taking each house and personalizing it to a home. Working with Fulvia through the years on a few homes has been a wonderful experience and showcasing the family’s new beautiful home which boasts sophisticated style for this year’s Christmas tour will be a pleasure. The style of the home is reflective of a classic home, mixed with traditional elements and contemporary, curated styling. This home has been such a partnership with Fulvia and such an enjoyable journey. This classic styling with sophisticated elegance and design details generated in collaboration with Fulvia, make this home "Unique", and reflective of Tracy's style with UNIQUE IDEAS and partnership with her clients’.


(416) 809-7738


Kristen Prevost | The Second Street Home


Kristen Prevost is a millwork designer and decorator on a mission to promote self-development and wellness through interior design. With a fiery passion she believes that the space we occupy has a profound impact on our success and wellbeing. Kristen’s Niagara based company, Wldflower Interiors, offers colour consultations, kitchen and bath design, space planning, interior decorating, and storage solution design. She is also the co-owner of The Wldflower Creative, an events company focusing on custom stationery, wedding planning and design. 

Kristen@wldflowerco.com www.wldflowerco.com www.wldflowercreative.com